About Us

Robyn Tassio - President of Monster Peacock Bass Lures.

Robyn was born in Detroit , Michigan . His father and mother were both teachers but Robyn’s father, Sam, worked as a Park Ranger every summer at parks such as Glacier National Park and Olympic National Park.

1977- While stationed on Cape Cod with the Coast Guard, he often caught his own lobsters and clams for dinner.

1984 - Robyn received his B.S. in Computer Science from Northern Michigan University and found a way to support his hobbies.

1991 - Moved from Michigan to Dallas , Texas where his wife, Brenda, taught him how to fish for bass. For several years, every free evening was spent at local lakes perfecting his fishing techniques. Each weekend was spent at Lake Fork searching for lunkers.

1996 – Robyn caught a 13 pound largemouth bass from Lake Fork and won the title of Texas State Champion in the Big Bass World Championship. In October, he placed 7th overall in the National Big Bass Championship.

2000 – Robyn’s wife insisted that they travel to Brazil to try fishing for the exotic peacock bass. The ADDICTION began for both of them with the very first peacock bass landed.

2001 – Both Robyn and Brenda caught their first peacocks over 20 pounds - His was caught on a Gold Glitter Peacock Minnow and her’s on a Clown High Roller. Happily, many more 20 pound plus fish followed.(pictured 16lb & 18lb respectively)

2003 – After several years and numerous trips to the Amazon, Robyn decided to build a better lure. The Peacock Minnow was beefed up with stronger hooks and split rings. New colors and glitter coated finishes were tested and perfected.

2004 – Robyn caught a 26 pound peacock bass (one pound shy of the IGFA All Tackle World Record) while fishing from the Amazon Queen II on the Rio Negro River.

Present – Robyn thinks the World Record peacock bass is swimming in the Rio Negro River just waiting for someone to catch it.