With meticulous precision, every fishing lure made by Rapala swims with perfection right out of the box. Since 1936, each and every lure made lives up to this promise. Hand-tuned and tank-tested, anglers the world over count on Rapala® lures for consistent success. This unwavering dedication to quality is the reason why Rapala makes 20 million lures a year, sold in over 140 countries around the world. And it’s the reason why more world record fish have been caught on a Rapala than any other brand. Simply put, Rapala fishing lures make better fishermen The X-Rap® Subwalk is "all about the action." Which is vital to triggering those monster peacock bass to attack your lure. The versatility of the X-Rap allows an angler to impart a number of fish-catching actions in a single retrieve. The X-Rap Subwalk casts like a bullet for long accurate casts. Swimming just below the surface (0-4’), Walk-The-Dog anglers can use this incredibly effective technique anytime, anywhere. Chop, wind, even rough water can't stop the SubWalk™. Unique lateral tail fin adds extra glide and stability to action. Slow-sinking on the pause triggers reaction bite. The angler defines the cadence for maximum effectiveness. Loaded with features from tip to tail, textured translucent body, 3D holographic eyes, internal holographic foil, internal rattle system. VMC® flash feather tail hook and black nickel belly hook.
RAPALA X-RAP SUBWALK 09 (3.5", 5/8oz)
rapala x-rap subwalk 09 clown rapala x-rap subwalk 09 silver rapala x-rap subwalk 09 olive green
Clown Silver Olive Green
$13.95 $13.95 $13.95
rapala x-rap subwalk 09 glass ghost rapala x-rap subwalk 09 gold rapala x-rap subwalk 09 bone chartreuse
Glass Ghost Gold Bone Chartreuse
$13.95 $13.95 $13.95
rapala x-rap subwalk 09 red ghost
Red Ghost
rapala x-rap subwalk 15 clown rapala x-rap subwalk 15 glass ghost
Clown Glass Ghost
$17.95 $17.95
rapala x-rap subwalk 15 olive green rapala x-rap subwalk 15 silver blue
Olive Green Silver Blue
$17.95 $17.95
rapala x-rap subwalk 15 gold rapala x-rap subwalk 15 bone chartreuse
Gold Bone Chartreuse
$17.95 $17.95