Heddon Saltwater Super Spooks

In the late 1890s James Heddon launched a hand-made lure into a Dowagiac, Mich., pond and the ripples are still expanding. It marked the beginning of a new era – the artificial-lure fishing era – for all anglers.

Established in 1898, Heddon Lures is the oldest lure company still producing quality fishing products. Heddon is the manufacturer of the legendary Super Spook XT and many more, and these lures follow the same innovative vision James Heddon captured more than 100 years ago.

Peacock Bass, redfish, trout, pike… make some fishing history with Heddon Lures.

The Super Spook XT is the legendary Heddon Topwater Plug you know, classic action, built extra-tough for saltwater! What sets these models apart from other Zaras is their super stout hardware system, from line ties to hooks, all designed to stand up to the most voracious monster peacock bass species. The XT model boasts two 3X strong, super-sharp hooks and heavy-duty split rings, giving this model 30% more hooking power especially important for monster peacock and other hard charging species.

Avid Super Spook XT anglers have said: "Fish don't simply hit a Super Spook XT. They attack it!

citrus greenie bone
Citrus Greenie Bone
$10.95 $10.95 $10.95
redhead flash silver mullet mackerel
Red Head Flash Silver Mullet Mackerel
$10.95 $10.95 $10.95